1. Inital Meet and Greet

We are big believers in meeting all our clients face to face. This way we can introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little more about who we are and what we Mi. Co Design and Drafting is all about. Also, the initial meeting gives you to ask us any questions you may have about designing your home.

Once the introductions are out of the way we will get down to business. We start first by listening to you about what you want to achieve with the design of your home and then we will discuss how we will get there together as a team. We will discuss the following which will form your brief.

Project Budget

Expected start and end date (Construction)

Purpose and functionality of your home

Your lifestyle

Your wants and needs for your home

We will also discuss the relevant consultants that will need to be engaged (either by Mi. Co Design and Drafting or yourself) to ensure that your design will comply with relevant codes and so it can be priced correctly.

In some instances, we might have the opportunity to conduct a site visit and complete relevant searches of your site before we meet for the first time. If this doesn’t happen, there is no need to worry. We will make sure all this happens before we commence Stage 2 – Concept/Preliminary Drawings

After our first initial meeting and we have conducted a site visit of your block/dwelling we will tailor a quote for the design of your home.

2. Concept Design

Know that the formal introduction are out of the way and we have a brief, we have come to the single most important stage of them all, the Concept Plan.

During the Concept Design stage, we will come up with an initial design of your New Home, Extension or Renovation. Here we make sure that we address your design brief. Once we have completed your first concept design, we will meet up and discuss the design. At this stage we will discuss the concept design and at this stage we will refine and develop the concept design. We will continue this process until you are happy to proceed with getting your concept plan priced up by a builder.

3. Construction Pricing

Being in the industry for more then 10 years designing and estimating New Home, we have seen numerous custom designed homes never making it to a construction site as the building design hasn’t taken the clients budget into consideration.

At Mi. Co Design and Drafting, we believe that before we start Stage 4 – Working Drawings that the concept plan should be priced by either your builder or we can engage a Mi. Co Trusted Builder. When we say trusted, we mean someone who we would trust to build our home and someone who provides the same level of service and attention to detail as we do. If you select to go with one of builders, they will provide you with an indicative or fixed price for your home.

Mi. Co Trusted Builder/s
If you don’t have a builder in mind, head over to our trusted builders website and even give them a call to see if they are someone you would like to get a quote from.

  • 5495 1433

4. Working Drawings

Now that we know that your home can be built as a result of the builder providing you a price within your budget, it is time to start Working Drawings. At Mi. Co Design and Drafting our attention to detail is second to none. With our experience over the years working with National and State award winning builders in South East Queensland, we know what builders want and need on plans. By knowing this, it provides a smooth constuction process for all involved.

5. Certification

Once we have completed the Working Drawings of your home, the next stage is to engage a private certifier. A private certifier will:

Assess and approve plans relating to new or altered homes

Inspection construction work at mandatory stages

Give final certification for your home to be occupied

You can either engage a private certifier of your choosing or Mi. Co Design and Drafting will engage their own. Once we have approval from the private certifier, you can start organising with your builder the construction of your home.

6. Construction

During the construction process, we are excited and visit the site as much as our clients do. If you are using a builder of your choosing or a Mi. Co Trusted Builder, we will always offer support to all our clients during the construction phase. You can call and request a meeting on site to discuss anything relating to your design or construction process.