About Us

Mi. Co Design and Drafting provide design solutions for the following:

● New Home
● Extensions
● Renovations
● Build Under
● Build on Top
● Duplexes
● Decks
● Carport

We will make the whole process as seamless and simple as possible. The way we do this is by teaming up with the best consultants in South East Queensland. Engaging these consultants are vital in the design and construction process. The following consultants we engage with are:-

● Soil Testers
● Land Surveyors
● Engineers
● Certifiers
● Town Planners
● Builders

Mi. Co Design and Drafting is licensed by QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission), Licence No: 15044090, and is a member of the BDAQ (Building Designers Association of Queensland) 

If you would like to chat or arrange a meeting about your project, call us on 0412 571 998 or email us at design@micodd.com.au

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